From English into Polish and the other way round

By entering into cooperation with me you can be sure that your translation will be accurate and delivered on time.

  • I carefully check and search for vocabulary, to match it precisely to the domain and type of the text.
  • I check the spelling and eliminate mistakes.
  • I mind the layout of texts, I deliver translations exactly in the same format as the source text.

These are abilities thanks to which no automatic translator will replace a living professional.


Interpretation services include:

  • simultaneous interpreting at conferences
  • consecutive and liaison interpreting
  • negotiations and business talks
  • meetings of Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors
  • trainings

Owing to my 10-year market presence I have a well developed network of contacts with experienced interpreters of different languages and reputed companies delivering equipment for interpreting or conferences. Therefore, if needed, I can assist my customers in organising any event or conference by intermediating in both finding an interpreting team and the necessary equipment.

I can also take care of visitors who need to be collected from the airport or railway station.

I mostly work in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, but business trips and assisting customers during travels are common for me. I am fully available.

Anna Molik

phone: 508 080 320